Empowerment Programs

To strengthen self-sufficiency, we offer individualized care coordination, behavioral health counseling, employment assistance, self-development programming, community activities, and access to resources. 

Every client receives consistent support from a housing coordinator ready to support and encourage progress as well as link clients with needed resources.

Since it is impossible to achieve stabilization when battling mental health and/or substance use challenges, counseling is vital to support advancing quality of life.

For those able to work, we provide compassionate support and guidance to help those we serve not only secure employment. but begin the journey to  career.

A legacy of poverty leads to gaps in education, employment, experiences, etc. Our self-development programs bring opportunities to clients and their family members.

Community provides a support network as well as an opportunity for belonging.  We build community within DOORWAYS as well as the broader neighborhood

Clients and family members are linked to key resources needed for stabilization as well as advancing life.