Nearly all DOORWAYS clients report zero income at intake. Many have lived a life of poverty that has created gaps in education and employment. As clients regain health and hope, many become ready to seek a job to reclaim their self-sufficiency. The DOORWAYS Career Services Program is available to support them in their job search. 


The DOORWAYS Career Specialist utilizes a nurturing process with multiple phases of progress, such as discovering skills from past experiences to create a resume to locating open jobs, mock interviewing, and even support for job retention. Thanks to private funding, the DOORWAYS Program is able to offer clients resources for a haircut, toiletries, an interview outfit, transportation to the interview, etc. These minimal resources have maximum impact on the client’s confidence and self-esteem. When a client is hired, we work with them for several more months to maximize job retention outcomes. This includes assistance with a required uniform or work outfit and several months of bus transportation.

If you are a DOORWAYS client and would like more information, please contact the Career Services Program staff during office hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.):

Tricia O’Brien, Director
314-328-2715 or tobrien@doorwayshousing.org

Jocelynn Hill, Coordinator
314-328-2652 or jhill@doorwayshousing.org




DOORWAYS clients

secured a job in FY21.