DOORWAYS recognizes that a source of income is a key to housing and life stability. For that reason, we assist clients with enrollment in benefit programs. For those who have regained health and hope, our career services and job placement  program offers a pathway to increased self-sufficiency.


DOORWAYS clients

secured a job in FY21.

Our clients have lived a life of poverty that created gaps in education and employment experience.  For that reason, this program offers an individualized plan for each program participant. That may include exploring career options, linkage to training and education programs with outside partner agencies,  guidance through the resume and job application process, and support during the first several months of employment.  

The DOORWAYS career specialists utilize a nurturing process with multiple phases of progress, such as discovering skills from past experiences, creating a resume, locating open jobs, mock interviewing, etc. We offer onsite workshops and recruiting sessions. Thanks to private funding, the DOORWAYS Program is able to offer clients resources for a haircut, toiletries, an interview outfit, transportation to the interview, etc. This minimal support has maximum impact on the client’s confidence and self-esteem. 


Success is determined by the clients as they achieve the goals they choose to pursue. For some, it is completing a high school equivalency program or enrolling in college. For others, it is completing a technical training program to build a career with benefits and opportunities for advancement. Some clients find satisfaction in the flexibility of hourly wage jobs. 

Each person defines success differently. In all cases, our staff supports them throughout their journey. For example, when a client is hired, we monitor their progress for several more months to maximize job retention outcomes. This includes assistance with a required uniform or work outfit and several months of bus transportation.

Earning a steady income may be new for some clients. To assure the most efficient and effective use of their money, we provide sessions on budgeting and managing money in collaboration with St. Louis Community Credit Union.


If you are a DOORWAYS client and would like more information, please contact the Career Services Program staff during office hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.):

Tricia O’Brien, Director
314-328-2715 or tobrien@doorwayshousing.org

Jocelynn Hill, Coordinator
314-328-2652 or jhill@doorwayshousing.org

As of September 1, 2023, 151 unduplicated individuals were enrolled in our career and employment program.

From January 1 to September 1, 51 unduplicated individuals secured employment.  Pay ranged from $10/hour to $7.15/hour with tips factored in.  A pay breakdown follows:

  • 14 jobs pay under $15 / hour
  • 26 jobs pay $15 / hour to $17.49 / hour
  • 18 jobs pay $17.50 / hour to $19.99 / hour
  • 9 jobs pay $20 / hour or more.



Historically, there has been a dearth of leadership committed  to help disadvantaged people in the City of St. Louis find and retain meaningful employment. To address this gap, DOORWAYS formed the Employment Alliance to coordinate efforts among agencies offering career and employment services to disadvantaged people in and near the City of St. Louis who seek meaningful employment. Since the first meeting, held May 3, 2023, the Alliance continues to grow each month, creating momentum where there had been none.

To date, 70 unduplicated career professionals representing 50 organizations have participated in meetings–with an average of 30 per meeting.

The Alliance not only benefits clients and the agencies serving them. It also benefits employers whose community priority includes hiring people battling inequities and dis-equality. It is more efficient and effective for employers when they have access to a larger pool of candidates. Gathering multiple clients is difficult for a single agency, but possible when working collectively. Employers experiencing successful hiring through Alliance members are more likely to seek candidates from this pool.


Three job fairs will be sponsored by the Alliance each year. If you are an employer and wish to reserve a recruiting table, please contact our program Director, Tricia O’Brien, whose contact details are to the left.